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This is how you take your drinking water to a whole new level!

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Let water expert Ralph Stetefeldt take you into the mysterious world of drinking water treatment. You will learn which methods you can easily use to purify your own tap water.

In this webinar you will learn and see:
- What our body really needs water for.
- Why all water is not the same and the dangers in drinking water.
- Which water filter systems are available.
- The acid-base-balance: what the pH and ORP values are all about.
- Impressive before and after drinking water tests.
- What you should definitely pay attention to when choosing your water filter.
- And much more...

I look forward to seeing you!

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Water expert Ralph Stetefeldt


What differentiates drinking water from alkaline, antioxidant ECAIA water.

How a mineral and electric water ionizer works and what to look for when buying one.

The benefits of self-filtering tap water and your impact on the environment and your wallet.

The webinar is still running:

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